Since January, 2003 I've been the managing editor of the Ottawa-based literary site

In 2007, I began AngelHousePress, 2007 to 2019, we published limited edition chapbooks focusing on a variety of fields from poetry to eccentric comics to memoirs.We have an essay series and an annual PDF magazine called Experiment-O that comes out in November. AHP celebrates National Poetry Month each April with daily poetry by poets from all over the world in order to rejoice in the many styles and varieties of the Nation of Poetry The Small Machine Talks, co-hosted by Amanda Earl and a.m. kozak is a sporadic podcast that explores the poetry of Central Canada and beyond through interviews with poets and discussions of their work, readings and publications.  In January, 2014, AngelHousePress started a new imprint/site called DevilHouse which explores the concept of transgression in creative work and published transgressive prose as chapbooks until 2018.

Here are some interviews with me about the press: