If my work is accepted for publication, I will agree to the following:
To work with an editor of my and the publisher's mutual choice;
To work with designer on layout and cover; if i'm not happy with the cover, I won't agree to it;
To apply for funding to tour and promote the book;
To do local readings and readings in cities near to me, such as Toronto, Montreal and Kingston;
To promote the book through my site and social media pages;
To make myself available for media interviews on line and in person (if local);
I will be willing to negotiate advances and royalties or terms that are fair to both parties;
I will not republish the content of the work for a period agreed upon by myself and the publisher;
I will inform the publisher of any plans to republish any of the work within a mutually agreed upon period.

I will expect the publisher to name all parties I have to work with ahead of publication;
I will expect to know whether the publisher has a distributor and the name of the distributor before I sign a contract or earlier, if possible;
I will expect the publisher to provide information on how the press markets books of this genre;
I will not publish with a press that does no promotion;
I will expect the publisher to apply for funding for the publication and promotion of the book;
I will expect the publisher or the marketing representative of the publisher to develop a marketing plan for my book in consultation with me.

I'm an Ottawa writer & small press publisher.   This site acts as a central hub for my shenanigans. Each section contains further details.


2019 Ontario arts Council Recommender Grant for Writers; City of Ottawa Creation and Production Fund for Emerging Writers

2018 Ontario Arts Council Recommender Grant for Writers

2017 Winner of the 2017 Tree Chapbook Contest as judged by Stephen Brockwell

2016 - present Member of  VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

2016 - 2017 Member of Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWILA) 

2016 City of Ottawa Creation and Production Fund for Emerging Writers; Ontario Arts Council Writers' Reserve Grants

2014 to present Member of the League of Canadian Poets

2014 City of Ottawa Creation and Production Fund for Emerging Writers

2014 VERSeOttawa Hall of Honour Inductee along with spoken word artist, Danielle Gregoire

2013 Ontario Arts Council Writers' Reserve Grant.

2012 City of Ottawa Creation & Production Fund for Emerging Writers; OAC WR Grants.

2011 OAC WR Grants; Shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch Innovative Poetry Award for collaboarative manuscript with Sandra Ridley; Shortlisted for Geist's Magazines Erasure Poetry Contest

2010 OAC WR Grant. 

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